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Measurements, Metrics, and Business Value

CXPA courses are a collaborative curriculum developed by top industry leaders in CX. CXPA modular courses are offered as recordings that can be purchased by CXPA members or non-members. Those who purchase a modular course will have lifetime access to the recorded videos and can watch them at their leisure.

Measurements, Metrics, and Business Value

Translating engagement to business results is a challenge for many organizations. Balancing financial goals with the demands of creating compelling customer experiences is a constant challenge. Stakeholders need to understand how CX delivers clear business results. Learn how to build and communicate models so the organization (and each stakeholder) sees the value of delivering a great customer and employee experience. We will share how you can target, measure and achieve benefits of call reduction, increased retention, referral increases, and reduce cost to serve from customer experience improvements – while you engage your customers.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how to define CX measures, metrics and business value
  • Learn ways to embed structure for CX benefits into your internal processes
  • Learn the art and science of tracking benefits realization
  • Examine ways to think differently about business results and ROI
  • Understand the opportunities of building a foundation of CX benefits realization
  • Create successful structures within your organization’s processes to showcase success for Customer Experience and Associate Engagement

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Module 1 - Setting the Stage

Learning outcomes:
  • Definitions and current organizational focus
  • Measures & Metrics related to CX
    • Differentiation of measures and metrics
    • Types of Metrics - Strategic & Operational, Functional & Cross-functional, Touchpoint & Journey
    • Customer Perception, behavioral, outcome-based metrics
    • Range of CX measures and metrics
  • How will help lead and drive your organization

Contains 54 minutes of instruction.

Module 2 - Current State: Relevance and Needs

Learning outcomes:
  • Selecting the right metrics to measure
    • Customer value
    • Journeys and Lifecycle
    • Touchpoint, journey stage measures, journey metrics
  • How to gather and report the data - what should be on your dashboard
  • Are people taking action?

Contains 34 minutes of instruction.

Module 3 - Linking CX to Business Value

Learning outcomes:
  • Correlation vs. Causation
  • C-suite feedback on Correlation vs. Causation
  • Causation Approaches and Examples
  • Impact of CX to Enterprise measures and resulting business value

Contains 30 minutes of instruction.

Module 4 - Linking CX Projects to Business Value to Secure Investment

Learning outcomes:
  • Justifying the overall investment in CX program, projects, and organization
  • CX program/projects and their impact on CX Metrics
  • Linking CX Metrics to Business Value (using Module 2 approaches)
  • Estimating the cost of CX Programs
  • Determining the ROI of CX program investment

Contains 31 minutes of instruction.

Module 5 - Measuring, Reporting, and Improving Value Delivery

Learning outcomes:
  • Measurement and Reporting Principles
  • Value Delivery / Benefits Realization
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Customizing the metrics / dashboard for key stakeholders
  • Telling the CX Value story
  • Summary and Actions

Contains 45 minutes of instruction.

Course Instructors

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Bob Azman, CCXP

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Ed Bodensiek

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Sandra Fornasier, CCXP

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Diane Magers, CCXP

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Greg Tucker, CCXP

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