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CXPA courses are a collaborative curriculum developed by top industry leaders in CX available to CXPA members. CXPA Modular Courses are offered online during live Citrix GoToMeeting Sessions with course instruction and class dialogue. You’ll have the opportunity to learn alongside of a class of 30 attendees and we’ll provide a virtual classroom and recordings of each session. Course attendees are expected to attend all course modules for live instruction (special circumstances are understandable and you are welcome to work with the Course Facilitator if you are concerned about attendance).

Course Topic: CX Foundations

CX Thought Leaders and CXPA Members join together to instruct a CXPA Modular Course on the foundations of Customer Experience. Our group of CX experts will provide a high level overview of general knowledge on the recognized CX core competencies. Each module will expand on a core competency and provide more detailed information for those in early maturity stages of customer experience. If you’ve recently become responsible for customer experience initiatives or have a developing passion for the discipline of customer experience and want to build your knowledge on the basics of this profession – this course was made for you!

Date: Begins Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Cost: $299
Registration: Registration is now closed. To learn more and pre-order course recordings, click here.

Course Topic: Customer Journey Management

CXPA is bringing back the wildly popular Customer Journey Management course this fall as part of our series of CXPA Modular Courses taught by CXPA members and thought leaders volunteering their time and expertise. The Customer Journey Management (CJM) course addresses topics such as considerations when implementing journey maps, various CJM methodologies and approaches, as well as driving change through CJM and sustainability. We look forward to providing this 4-week course with new volunteer instructors.

Date: Watch for a CXPA email announcement when this is scheduled to launch

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