As an association dedicated to the advancement and visibility of customer experience professionals and their success stories, we have several types of awards to recognize innovation, accomplishments, and contributions in the discipline of customer experience.

We hope that as you explore the awards and award winners, you gain new insight and inspiration.  And we're always on the lookout for our next awardees, so please consider nominating yourself, your company or another for recognition. All award recipients will be recognized on CX Day

Please note, there is no submission fee associated with any of our awards. 

CXPA's Emerging Leader Awards 

Who's Eligible: CXPA members who are new to CX (less than 3 years of CX experience), desire a career in the field, and are growing skills in the CX profession. Individuals nominated for this award are practitioners in any organization, including providers, as long as they are doing CX work within that organization.

Individuals nominated for this award have typically done one or more of the following:

  • Made contributions within their organization that provides demonstrable and/or measurable impact.
  • Challenged the status quo and solved business problems that led to better CX and/or benefited the CX discipline overall
  • Attended CX events
  • Sought help through mentorship or participation in other ways
  • Seeking to be CCXP certified
  • Working toward building their skills, knowledge, and competencies

Nominations for the 2024 Emerging Leader Awards will open around July 2024. View the 2023 winners below!

CXPA's Collaboration Award

Collaboration is a cornerstone of customer experience success. This award, which will be first granted in 2023, will honor outstanding collaboration led by CX professionals to deliver better results for their organization's customers, colleagues, and sustainable business results.

Nominations for this award must be based on a specific collaboration between 1) a CX professional; and 2) an internal or external partner which may be another part of their own organization; a customer; a business partner; or CX consultant or partner.  The CX professional will be the named recipient of the award, with additional recognition to the listed collaboration partner.   

Nominations for the 2024 Collaboration Award will open around July 2024. View the 2023 winner below!

CXPA's Impact Awards

CXPA's Impact Awards recognize individuals who have made notable contributions to the discipline of customer experience. Nominations may be made in the following categories:

    • Impact within an organization. Nominated individuals within this category have utilized CXPA's knowledge domains to achieve a measurable customer and business impact for and within an organization, while fostering an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
    • Impact on the CX profession. Nominated individuals within this category have influenced the practice of customer experience across industries and geographies through thought leadership contributions, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion to create more inclusive and accessible experiences for all customers.

Nominations for the 2024 Impact Awards will open around July 2024. View the 2023 winners below!