As an association dedicated to the advancement and visibility of customer experience professionals and their success stories, we have three types of awards to recognize innovation, accomplishments, and contributions in the discipline of customer experience.

We hope that as you explore the awards and award winners, you gain new insight and be inspired.  And we're always on the lookout for our next awardees, so please consider nominating yourself, your company or another for recognition.

CX Innovation Awards

View 2020 Winner and Finalists

Who's Eligible: Organizations/brands that have implemented innovative and successful customer experience initiatives. To avoid commercial conflict of interest, applicants that sell CX products or services are not eligible to apply. CXPA membership is not required to apply or be awarded.

Award Frequency: Annually

Submissions Open: January: Nomination information coming soon!

Awards Announced: Virtually for 2021

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CX Impact Awards

View 2020 Winners
View 2019 Winners
View Past Winners

Who's Eligible: Individuals who are exemplifying excellent customer experience and making an impact on their organization and its customers. CXPA membership is not required to apply or be awarded. View Criteria »

Award Frequency: Annually

Submissions Open: Summer, 2021. More information coming in July!

Awards Announced: CX Day--Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Member Awards

View 2020 Extra Mile Winners
View 2019 Extra Mile Winners
View Past Extra Mile Winners
View Past MVP Award Winners

Who's Eligible: CXPA members who went above and beyond! CXPA membership is required to apply or be awarded.

Award Frequency: As determined by the CXPA Board of Directors.

Awards Announced: As determined by the CXPA Board of Directors.

NEW! Emerging Leader Awards

CXPA is proud to announce a new award program to identify, recognize and support the professional development of practitioners who are new, emerging leaders in the CX profession.  Learn more about the award program by watching the video below.  Nominations are closed but stay tuned for more information on our finalists and award winners!

Who's Eligible: Individuals who are new to CX, desire a career in the field, and are growing skills in the profession. Individuals nominated for this award are practitioners in any organization, including providers, as long as they are doing CX work within that organization.

Award Frequency: Annually

Awards Announced: January, 2021