CXPA Digital Badge User Guides and FAQs

Managing Your Digital Badge

Do I need to register on BadgeCert?

To gain access to and manage your digital badge(s), you will need to log in to the badging management system. Visit and use the login credentials supplied in your badge issuance email. Upon initial login, immediately update your password to fully access the platform. Once you have updated your password, the log in screen will appear again. Please use your new password to log in to the platform.

If you would like to update the email address listed as your login ID, please contact with your updated email address and staff will change it on your membership or certification profile which will automatically update your badge profile. Change your email address will impact where you will receive all future CXPA communications. 

How do I update my password?

If you received an Issuance email from the CXPA, it will contain a username and temporary password. If you do not receive an email with a username and password, simply go to and click login. Your Username is the email address that the CXPA have used to issue you a badge. This email address is what is listed for you in our database.

You can then click “request new password” and a temporary one will be sent to you. Once logged in, you can manage your profile in ‘My Profile’ and change your password. Please note: you can only login to BadgeCert if you have been issued a digital badge by the CXPA. You cannot create your own badges or a portfolio if you have not received a badge.

I cannot reach the login page or

Please try to clear your browser cache or try another computer on another network. Your network may be blocking access. If you are still experiencing trouble, please reach out to the CXPA at

My login account is locked.

Your account was locked because of 10 unsuccessful attempts to login. Please contact to have your account unlocked. Once the account is unlocked, please click the ‘Request New Password’ link to reset your password.

My badge is showing as expired, what should I do?

Is your badge showing expired, but you've already renewed your CXPA membership or re-certified your CCXP with the CXPA?  Please submit a request to verify your renewal or recertification status to 

Need to renew your membership or re-certify your CCXP? Please follow the steps listed below.

To renew your CXPA membership, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to this URL:
  2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the page and choose “Sign In”.
  3. Log in ID using your login credentials for your membership account.
  4. Once logged in, you will see the notification bell in the upper right corner of the page. If there is a number on the bell, click on it and then click on the outstanding balances link or renew membership link.
  5. If you have an outstanding balance, the landing page will show your open invoice. Click the box next to the invoice number and then click the blue “Pay” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. On the next page, choose “New Payment Method” and enter your credit card details.
  7. Choose your billing address or add a new one.
  8. Click the blue “Checkout” button at the bottom of the page. If checkout button is still gray and you entered a new address, please be sure to click on validate and save address.

To re-certify your CCXP:

  • Please visit the Maintain Your CCXP page for information and links to submit your renewal credits and pay the CCXP Maintenance Fee. 

Sharing Your Digital Badge

How do I share my badge to my social media profiles?

To add your badge to your LinkedIn profile and/or share to your feed and other social media sites, use the links provided in the badge issuance email or directly from the BadgeCert platform.

From your Email:

  • The email you received for your badge lists the LinkedIn ‘Add to profile’ link. Click on the link and follow the LinkedIn prompts to add your badge to your profile. Be sure to update the expiration date to match the date on your badge. When you click “Save,” your badge will be added to the LinkedIn Licenses & Certifications section.
  • Please note: you will see the logo for the issuing organization and a link to your badge by clicking on Show Credential after the badge is posted. LinkedIn does not show your badge image until the link is clicked. In addition, you may want to DISABLE the pop-up blocker when trying to share your badges with social networks.

From the BadgeCert platform:

  • Visit and login with your credentials. Click on the badge and click on the Share button Share Button. Click on the blue LinkedIn image to share to your LinkedIn feed or click on the Add to LinkedIn Profile link to add the badge to the Licenses and Certification section of your profile.
  • Share your badge to your Facebook or Twitter feed by clicking the appropriate buttons.
  • Share your badge via email by typing in the email address to which you would like to send your badge.

Visit the user guides listed on the right side of this page for more information on sharing.

In my LinkedIn profile, the Licenses & Certifications Section does not display the badge graphic.

Please note you will see only the logo for the issuing organization and a link to your badge will be accessed from the Show Credential button. This is the default setting for LinkedIn.

How do I add my digital badge to a resume or website, and/or print the badge?

By nature, a digital badge is intended to be securely displayed on the Internet or via digital/social media. However, we understand that there may be the need to print your badge. Badges can generate printable .pdf certificates, but only if the issuing organization has set-up the .pdf certificate option. Please contact the CXPA at if you do not see this option in the BadgeCert platform.

To add your digital badge to a digital resume or website:

  • Save the image from the badge issuance email to your computer.
  • Insert the image into the document or on web page.
  • Right click the picture and select ‘add hyperlink’. if inserting into resume. Add the URL address of the badge as the hyperlink. If placing on web page, use the insert hyperlink functionality of your content management system.
  • Even within a resume or other PDF documents, the image can be designed to hyperlink to the badge URL. The badge URL is the URL. If you do not have it, login and you can locate it in your BadgeCert portfolio.

    Detailed guides about how to display your badges can be found in the User Guides section located on the right side of this page.

    How do I add a digital badge to my email signature?

    Creating an email signature in Outlook

    You can create personalized signatures for your email messages that include an icon for viewers to see
    and connect to your BadgeCert portfolio/badges. When the message recipient clicks the icon in the signature, a new browser window opens and your BadgeCert portfolio appears.

    1. To include your BadgeCert image and link in your email signature, right-click on the badge image you wish to share. You can find the image by following the url link in your initial issuance email. Once you find the image and right-click, select Save picture (or image) as and save/store the icon as a .png to your computer.
    2. Copy the URL link from the badge validation page or from the badge issuance email.
    3. In Outlook you can create/edit a signature in one of two ways: 1) Create a new message/email and on the Message tab, in the Include group, click Signature, and then click Signatures (See screenshot below); 2) In more recent versions such as Outlook 2013 and above, go to File → Options (at bottom of screen) → Mail → Signatures.

      Outlook Signature

    4. Next, you can either create a new signature or select an existing one to edit. To create a new signature, select New located under the select signature to edit box. To edit a current signature, select the signature you wish to edit from the Select signature to edit box.
    5. Under Choose default signature, in the E-mail account list, click an e-mail account with which you
      want to associate the signature.
    6. If you want a signature to be included when you reply to or forward messages, in the
      Replies/forwards list, select the signature.
    7. As shown in the yellow highlight in screenshot below, click the insert picture icon and browse for the icon you saved to your computer. Click on the picture you inserted and then click on the hyperlink located next to the insert picture button, to include your BadgeCert URL.

      Insert Picture

    8. Once you like the appearance of your overall signature line, click 'OK' to save.

      Creating an email signature in Gmail

      1. Right click on the badge image and save it as a .png to your desktop.
      2. Copy the URL link from the badge validation page or from the badge issuance email.
      3. In a separate tab of your internet browser, open your Gmail account and click the Settings icon at the top right-hand corner of your view. In the drop-down menu, click 'See all settings' and scroll down to the 'Signature' section [Create a new signature if needed.]
      4. Click on the 'Insert Image' button at the top of the signature toolbar, then to the Web Address (URL) Paste the Badge Image that you saved from step 1.
      5. Once the badge image has appeared, click on 'Select' at the bottom left-hand corner of the window. The badge will now appear in your email signature. You can select the image and resize it to small, medium, or large if you like. Go back to the tab with your Gmail account signature settings and Highlight the badge image and click the 'Link' tool at the top of the signature toolbar.
      6. In the box marked 'To what URL should this link go?' past the URL you copied in step 2, then click 'OK' at the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
      7. Once you approve of the appearance of your overall signature line, scroll to the bottom of your Gmail settings and click 'Save Changes'.

      Creating an email signature on other platforms (such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Mac Mail)

      1. To add a badge image in the signature, right click on the badge image and select "Save image as" from the URL link (badge link in the issuance email) and store in on your computer.
      2. For your email service provider options page, click on the signature card and in addition to text, there should be an ability to upload artwork.
      3. Upload the digital badge just stored on your computer. Thereafter, you can add the URL validation link originally provided by clicking on the image and using the "hyperlink" functionality on the email service provider’s configuration page. While this will work on most systems, some email service providers may operate differently.
      4. Please note: The badge image embed in an email will be static; they are just images— The URL must be added as a hyperlink to make it clickable and display the badge information/metadata.

      Updating Your Information

      Your profile is an important part of telling your professional story. It's one spot on the web where you can manage and share the achievements that will further your career, so make sure to review your profile information listed in the BadgeCert platform. Click on My Profile listed on the left sidebar menu of the platform.

        I want to change my name, email address or other profile information.

        Name - Is your name Katherine, but you go by Kate? Thomas, but you go by Tom? For security purposes, the request for earner name changes needs to come to BadgeCert directly from the CXPA. Please contact to update the name on your account or certification record.

        Email Address: You can add an alternate email address to your profile. If you need to update the email address listed as your log in ID, please submit your change request to This will update your email address and log in credentials in your main CXPA member account or CCXP certification record.

        Company - You may edit your profile and list the name of your current employer or company name.

        Job Title - You may edit your profile and share your current professional job title.

        To update your company name or professional job title, select My Profile from the left sidebar menu in the BadgeCert platform.

        My name is misspelled or the special characters in my name do not display properly.

        The request for name changes or updates needs to come to BadgeCert directly from the CXPA. Please submit your name update request to

        The expiration date on my badge is incorrect.

        The request for expiration or issuance updates needs to come to BadgeCert directly from the CXPA. Please submit a request to verify the expiration date to

        What happens if I change my employer?

        You can change your employer information and your professional job title by selecting My Profile on the left sidebar menu in BadgeCert platform.

        Other Frequently Asked Questions

        My employer requires verification of my credential.

        If your employer asks for credential verification, you should provide them with the badge URL that can be found in the badge issuance email that you received upon earning the badge or share it via email in your BadgeCert portfolio. If you require further verification, please contact the CXPA at to request a letter of support.

        I cannot find what I'm looking for and would appreciate additional assistance.

        If you need additional assistance, please contact with your question.

        Managing Badges

        How to manage your badge(s) in your portfolio

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        Sharing Badges

        How to manually share your badge(s)

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