CXPA believes that CX education is best conducted by qualified providers delivering content grounded in the  competencies of CXPA’s Customer Experience framework. This framework was developed through an extensive, psychometrically valid job task analysis study that researched community consensus on the job task scope of the CX professional. The framework also serves as the examination blueprint for the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential, the only independent credential for CX professionals.

CXPA Recognized Training Providers (RTP)

The CXPA Recognized Training Provider (RTP) program identifies providers that have met qualifications deemed essential to providing quality training in line with the CXPA Customer Experience framework.  Learn more about how these providers are selected and view a directory of the CXPA Recognized Training Providers.

CXPA On-Demand Courses

CXPA on-demand courses are a collaborative curriculum developed by top industry leaders in CX. CXPA on-demand courses are offered as recordings that can be purchased by CXPA members or non-members. Those who purchase an on-demand course will have lifetime access to the recorded videos and can watch them at their leisure. 

CX Foundations

The CX Foundations course will introduce you to the basic concepts of Customer Experience and help you understand how they fit together for your organization. From strategy to developing insights and demonstrating results, this course will help you launch CX for you or your organization. You’ll learn the terms, understand the concepts and gain exposure to the variety of skills needed in this profession.

Learn more about the presenters and content.

Measures, Metrics, and Business Value

Translating engagement to business results is a challenge for many organizations. Balancing financial goals with the demands of creating compelling customer experiences is a constant challenge. Stakeholders need to understand how CX delivers clear business results. Learn how to build and communicate models so the organization (and each stakeholder) sees the value of delivering a great customer and employee experience. We will share how you can target, measure and achieve benefits of call reduction, increased retention, referral increases, and reduce cost to serve from customer experience improvements – while you engage your customers.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how to define CX measures, metrics and business value
  • Learn ways to embed structure for CX benefits into your internal processes
  • Learn the art and science of tracking benefits realization
  • Examine ways to think differently about business results and ROI
  • Understand the opportunities of building a foundation of CX benefits realization
  • Create successful structures within your organization’s processes to showcase success for Customer Experience and Associate Engagement

Learn more about the presenters and content.

Recognized Training Provider On-Demand Courses

The following On-Demand courses are offered by CXPA Recognized Training Providers. Each course can be accessed for self-paced learning upon purchase, and are useful for those seeking a comprehensive CX education, CCXP preparation courses, or to fulfill CCXP re-certification

CX University Introduction to CX Excellence

Introduction to CX Excellence--CX University

Customer Experience (CX) has become the new competitive differentiator. Customers will pay higher prices and advocate for brands based entirely on their perceptions of their company interactions. These interactions can lead to significant gains or losses. Essential to these gains or losses are the experiences employees have in their companies.

CXU offers an introductory CX Excellence Program to prepare all employees to understand the CX models, processes, and skillset required to create customer obsession and win in competitive markets. Successful program completion leads to a certificate of completion.

This program is based on the CXPA rubric that is globally recognized and adopted by many global brands.

Program Objectives

·        Build and apply CX Strategies, models, processes, skills, and best practices

·        Develop empathy and listening skills

·        Apply CX and EX to improve financial performance

·        Drive customer and employee centricity

·        Establish a common CX language across the enterprise

·        Cultivate innovation through design thinking

·        Build measurement metrics for improvements

CX University CCXP Prep Exam

CX University CCXP Prep Exam

The CCXP Exam Prep covers the 5 pillars of Customer Experience as outlined by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). This course is a deep dive into preparing for CXPA’s professional certification exam to be qualified as a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). Embrace this next step in your journey toward CCXP certification by diving into this exam preparation course to fully equip you on exam day. Backed by our expertise in adult learning, the user-friendly learning platform includes easy-to-read text, seminal videos, interactive activities, and many practice test questions.

Knowing that our programs fit seamlessly into busy professional lives, this course addresses the underlying needs of adult learners by offering support throughout the learning process, such as study skills building in note-taking, techniques in reviewing materials, and auto-correcting tests with explanations for incorrect answers.

Closely aligned to the CXPA’s 5 Pillars of CX, this CCXP Exam Prep covers:

·        Module 1: Metrics and Analysis

·        Module 2: Improvement and Design

·        Module 3: Culture and Accountability

·        Module 4: Voice of the Customer and Intelligence

·        Module 5: Strategy in Action

·        Module 6: Practice Exams

CX University CX 520 Mastery Series

CX University CX 520 Mastery Series

Become a leader in CX and earn your professional CXS™ certification. Learn online at your own pace with comprehensive CX core courses and 6 months of access. Earn your Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ certificate by completing the bundle of Customer Experience 520 series courses and passing the certification assessment, which will be accessible in your LMS portal. As a Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™, you will be able to exhibit your mastery in the Customer Experience discipline.

The 5 course modules cover best practices and applied aspects of Customer Experience. Your bundle purchases grants you 6 month access to all 5 online courses. See below for the list of courses included in this package.

·        CX521: Strategy in Action

·        CX522: Culture and Accountability

·        CX523: Metrics and Analysis

·        CX524: Improvement and Design

·        CX525: Voice of the Customer and Intelligence

CX University La Serie--CX 500 Francais

CX University La Serie--CX 500 Francais

La série CX500 français couvre les 6 domaines de l’expérience client. Cette série est conçue pour le leadership CX au sein des organisations. Cet ensemble prépare l’apprenant à la certification professionnelle en tant que (CXS)™. Période d’accès de 6 mois.

Rejoignez notre communauté mondiale d’apprenants et apprenez CX en ligne de manière indépendante !

·        Apprenez de manière autonome et à votre rythme

·        Leçons intéressantes, vidéos, articles fondateurs, tests pratiques

·        Obtenez votre certification en tant que spécialiste de l’expérience client (CXS)™

·        Nous sommes un fournisseur de ressources de formation autorisé approuvé par la Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Préparez-vous à la certification CCXP

CXPA Partner Courses

The following courses are offered by CXPA Partners. These courses are useful for those who are looking for education on a specific CX topic, or to gain CCXP re-certification credit.

CX Masters Academy

CX Masters Academy (CXMA) – Online, self paced, CX training intentionally designed to support cultural transformation by orienting executives, CX professionals, and customer and non-customer facing employees and business partners to CX principles and behaviors. Brought to you by Diane Magers, CCXP, founder and CEO of Experience Catalysts and Michael Hinshaw, founder and President of McorpCX. 

ClearAction Experience Leadership Mastery

“Experience Leadership” is for beginners and experts. While “managing” controls some, “leading” influences all. See testimonials and use promotion code CXPA10 to save 10% at

Experience Leadership for Experts & Executives - Self-paced, live, or hybrid course for CCXP CRCs and executives, authors, keynoters, consultants, judges, award winners, and certified or long-time practitioners in customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and partner experience (PX). 

Automatic Experience Excellence - Self-paced, live, or hybrid course for all managers of customer experience, employee experience, and partner experience (experience management: XM). 

CX Leader Mastermind - Live guided interactive sessions with take-away templates you fill-in during the session. Discover effective ways to navigate politics, become your executives’ Most Valuable Player, engage non-customer-facing groups, and influence impressive customer-centric growth. 

CX Manager Mastermind - Live guided interactive sessions with take-away templates you fill-in during the session. Discover how to link CX, EX, financials, and internal engagement.

The Trusted Guide Roadmap Master Class

The Trusted Guide Roadmap™ Master Class--Getting executive buy-in is cited time and time again as the #1 challenge among CX professionals. That's why Mark Slatin, CCXP created The Trusted Guide Roadmap™ Master Class to enable you to confidently gain leadership’s support and empower you to make an impact.  The course will guide you through the process to design and execute a four-step plan to gain leadership support through:

  • Proven frameworks
  • Interactive sessions (live, virtual)
  • Professional networking

“I realize that I need to be viewed as a trusted guide and not as a threat...I love that there's a roadmap of the steps you need to follow as you execute.”



To learn more, watch the short video about the program and then register here.


HorizonCX CX-PROTM Training & Certificate Program

If you are brand new to the role of CX management or just getting started in a CX role, or even if you have been in a CX role for some time, consider how formalized and structured training in the fundamentals of customer experience management can help you build your CX knowledge base, accelerate your career, and enhance the success of your organization. 
HorizonCX offers the CX-PROTM Training & Certificate Program, a hands-on experiential course that prepares you with the basic knowledge and skills required of a CX professional. Classes are scheduled monthly and run over two consecutive weeks—three one-to-two-hour sessions on Tuesday through Thursday each week. Additional details of course content and registration are available here.

"As someone relatively new to a customer experience role, I found the CX-PRO course to be incredibly helpful. The tools and techniques taught within this course are very applicable to modern business initiatives and day-to-day interactions with customers. I hope to use what I have learned to establish a foundational understanding of the customer experience that I can build upon throughout my career."

Jeff Beyel, Customer Experience Project Coordinator, Legrand, North America
 To learn more, watch the short video about the program and then register here