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The CCXP Application Process

The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential is the marker of a committed customer experience professional who has demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to manage the customer experience in today’s challenging environment.

The CCXP credential demonstrates that a professional has the experience, education, and competence to lead and direct customer experience strategy, programs, and projects. Candidates for these credentials are looking to distinguish themselves in the workforce, validate their skills, stand out to employers, and maximize their earning potential.

If this describes you, we invite you to apply to test for this world-wide distinction. Start your personal journey to becoming a CCXP today!

Steps to Obtaining Your CCXP Certification

Step One: Determine Your Eligibility

Determine your eligibility. You may apply for the CCXP once you have determined you meet the eligibility requirements using one of two paths.

Read more about the eligibility requirements »

Additionally, read through the Exam Blueprint to see how it relates to the experience you currently possess. It is recommended that you use the exam blueprint as a guideline for submitting your application. We suggest writing paragraphs for each of the core competency areas that demonstrate how you have used the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed to assist your organization/clients.

Step Two: Submit Your Application and Pay Fees

Apply for the exam. The CCXP exam is offered throughout the year via computer-based testing at one of over 900 testing centers worldwide. Once approved, you'll have the opportunity to register for your exam and scheduled a date that fits well with your schedule and allows you time to prepare. 

  • Submit your application (you will be taken to the new account portal, please log in or create a new account to access the online application from the CCXP Menu at the top of the page). Please include details about your education and work history. Be sure to demonstrate how you have used the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each of the six core competencies to help your customers, clients, and/or organization. Please provide as many examples as possible. It is also helpful if you list any actions taken and the outcomes of those actions in your application. You may download the CCXP Application Instruction Guide and Sample Application to use while completing your application. 

  • Pay Exam Fee (application cannot be reviewed for approval without payment):
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    • Want to become a member and get member pricing? Join now and choose the CCXP Application, Exam, + One Year Individual Membership Fee option using this link

You will receive email notifications throughout the process once you submit your application. Please allow up to 15 business days to receive a status update on your application. Business days in the United States are defined as Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Offices are closed Saturday and Sunday. An application will be considered incomplete if the application is not completely filled out, or if insufficient information is provided.

Step Three: Schedule Your Exam

Once approved, you will be sent confirmation of your approval which will include next step to schedule your exam. If you indicated you would like to take the computer-based test, you will be sent an eligibility ID. If you have registered to take a CX Masterclass/Workshop through a third-party provider in conjunction with a pop-up exam (pencil and paper), you will be sent confirmation you are registered to take the pop-up exam for the specified location. 

The three-hour exam includes 100 multiple-choice questions.

Step Four: Prepare for the Exam

A variety of resources are available to help you build your subject-matter knowledge so you’re ready to take the exam.

  • Review the CCXP Candidate Handbook. Both contain information about the exam format, the six core competencies, and the exam blueprint.
  • The CXPA released an updated CCXP Resource Guide in 2020.
  • If you are currently a member of the CXPA, visit our CXPA Discussion Forum. The forum is rich in discussion about all areas of customer experience management. We encourage you to ask questions to get help and advice from your peers! Not a member? Join today to gain access to this and many other resources. 
  • CXPA has a wealth of Online CX Resources (CXPA Membership Required for access) from white papers to recorded webinars to help you explore areas in which you may need more education.
  • The CXPA has also compiled a list of Recognized Training Providers from whom you can take workshops online or in person, if a little extra help is needed. Additional fees may be required. 
  • Explore the Exam Blueprint for an outline of knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be tested for on the exam.
  • Join the Peer-to-Peer CCXP Preparation Community (Open to CXPA Members and Non-members)

Step Five: Take the Exam


The CCXP examination is a proctored, computer-based test (CBT), that is offered at either an in-person test center or via remote proctor from the comfort of your home or office. Learn more about the remote proctor option here.

Because it is critical that the CCXP certification is awarded only to qualified individuals, the testing protocol has been designed to help ensure a valid and secure examination outcome. Testing protocol is as follows:

  • The CCXP Certification Exam is closed-book.
  • No reference material is allowed in the examination site.
  • No electronic devices for the storage, display, or transmission of data, such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets, calculators, tape recorders, computers, or cameras are allowed in the examination site.
  • Candidates are absolutely prohibited from recording examination content in any format or medium.
  • Candidates who violate these rules will be asked to leave the site and may be disqualified from the exam as well as from future exams. The examination, answer sheets, worksheets and/or any other exam-related materials remain the sole and exclusive property of CXPA. These materials are confidential and are not available for review by any person or agency for any reason.

Currently, the certification examination is offered in English only, and the time limit is three hours. When you finish the exam, you will receive your score and a printed or electronic pass/fail letter, which includes a diagnostic performance report, at the test site. The diagnostic report is an especially useful aid if you fail the exam, because it provides an overview of performance on each test section.

A tutorial is provided at the beginning of the exam so that candidates can become familiar with the software before beginning the exam. A demonstration of the software is also available as you prepare for the exam.


The CCXP examination is built around core competency areas, each of which includes specific job tasks. For these, key knowledge, skill, and ability areas were identified to serve as the basis for the exam questions. This detailed information is provided in the Exam Blueprint.

The certification exam consists of 100 items. All items are multiple-choice, with one correct answer and three incorrect options.

The score required to pass the examination is 80%. This passing point was established according to accepted practices for standardized testing, and it reflects the difficulty of individual examination items, as well as the overall difficulty of the exam.

Step Six: Get Recognized

Congratulations, you're a CCXP! When you earn your CCXP, you'll be listed in our CCXP Directory as well as highlighted in an upcoming CXPA Monthly Newsletter.   You will also receive information about ways to leverage your CCXP. 

*If your first attempt was not successful, do not worry. You have two more attempts before your six-month exam termination date ends.

Step Seven: Keep Your CCXP Current

CCXPs are required to renew their certification every two years. 
Find out more about CCXP renewal requirements »

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For more information, please contact:

Adrienne Bryant, CAE
Director, CCXP Program

Blia Lee
Program Assistant, CCXP Program