Exam Preparation Resources

Exam Preparation Resources

The CXPA wants to provide as much assistance as we can to CX professionals who are preparing to take the CCXP certification exam, to maximize your success. This section contains resources to help you understand what material will be covered and how well your personal knowledge base maps to the test content.

Be aware that there is no single best way to prepare to do your best on the CCXP certification exam – that choice is up to you, and it depends on your personal learning style, experience, and preferences. While there isn’t one comprehensive collection of material for you to study, we hope the tools provided in this section will give you helpful guidance about the material covered on the test, and where you can strengthen your knowledge.

Exam Resource Guide (Adobe .pdf document) - Guide will be updated in 2022

Training Providers

Exam Blueprint

CCXP Candidate Handbook

Everything about becoming a CCXP is contained in the CCXP Candidate Handbook CCXP Candidate Handbook – it’s your guide to navigating the CCXP certification process.