CXPA Mentor Match Program

The CX Mentorship Program is Open for Applications

We are about to start our second Mentor Match cycle and all CXPA members are invited to apply to be a mentor or a mentee. We’ve seen great response
from the first round of matches and look forward to expanding the program to include you!

The Key Dates to Know


Feedback from Past Mentorship Participants

“I know some members were hesitant to match with a mentor that is a consultant in the field and not a fellow practitioner.  I wanted that diverse background and experience.  My mentor has been able to put things in context and offer perspectives from other industries.  I would encourage others to really consider how valuable this is.”
Dawn Mergenthaler, Sleep Number (2015 Cycle 1 Mentee)

“My two mentees have completely different CX maturity levels, questions, and challenges, which has allowed me to stretch my thinking on their specific topics, as well, as we work together to define ideal approaches and solutions for their needs.”
Annette Franz, CCXP, Fidelity Investments (2015 Cycle 1 Mentor)


Mentor Match Program FAQs

< 1 > What is the Mentor Match program? 
This program offers a 6-month CX Mentorship available to any CXPA member. Mentors and mentees must apply, and are then matched up to work together for that length of
time. Every 6 months the match can be renewed one more cycle or ended. Then a new cycle of applications and matches begins. 

< 2 > How & when do I sign up? 
Mentors and mentees have a designated window to sign up and be matched. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the online application form. Mentors apply July 27-August 7
and mentees apply August 10-21, 2015. During the application process, mentees can view the mentors available and mark their preferences. By August 28, 2015 the matches will
be made. We do our best to accommodate everyone. 

< 3 > What can I expect from participating?
At the start of your mentor match you join a kick off call and one call at the two month mark and a final call at the end of your mentorship match. Mentees will complete a form
upfront to use as way to focus the mentorship period. We recommend mentors and mentees spend one hour connecting each month. 

< 4 > Does my match have to be local? 
No, you can be matched with a member from across the globe. Just find your preferred communication method -- phone, Skype, email, or whatever you like. 

More about Participation

Mentor's will... Mentee's will...
  • Attend scheduled kick off Mentor Match calls
  • Complete the initial discovery call checklist (provided by CXPA) with Mentee
  • Commit to a focused conversation with your Mentee for at least one hour each month
  • Provide insights, knowledge and understanding in an educational manner to benefit the Mentee in professional growth
  • Make a 6-month commitment to the match
  • Mentors can have more than one Mentee but need to be judicious with their resources to make sure each Mentee is well-served


  • Attend scheduled kick off Mentor Match calls
  • Mentees need to fill out their profiles on CXPA’s Community
  • Complete the Mentoring Worksheet
  • Mentees are responsible for facilitating the relationship and must invite a mentor via CXPA’s Mentor Match to help them
  • Mentees are responsible for driving the relationship, meaning that Mentees must have clear goals for what they want to achieve from participation and take responsibility for pursuing those objectives
  • Make a 6-month commitment to the match
  • Can only have one mentor at a time


Still have questions? Email and we’ll be happy to help.