The Latest 10-Minute Takeaways - The New CXPA Multimedia Feature

By Karl Sharicz posted 10-21-2015 05:38 PM


Please take a moment (just a few minutes, in fact) to check out the latest 10-Minute Takeaways, the exclusive new member-driven video feature recently introduced where a CX nugget of wisdom or best-practice is encapsulated and presented within 10-minutes or less.  Naturally, fyou can reach out to the author and presenter for more details.  Below are the latest entries and the discipline under which they were filed.

Winning With Words [located within Customer-Centric Culture]

In this 10-Minute Takeaway, Mark Buchanan, Program Lead, Cisco Brand Language explains how the branded language program at Cisco changed the business and Customer Experience by thinking differently about the way words are used. It may sound simple in concept but it's a work-in-progress and you and your organization can benefit from this as well.

Brand and the Customer Experience [located within CX Strategy]

In this 10-Minute Takeaway, Kathleen Cattrall discusses the importance of brand in designing customer experiences including why brands matter; brand builders and brand busters in the experience design.

Voice of the Employee - The Missing Link to VOC Programs [located within Experience Design, Improvement and Innovation]

In thie 10-Minute Takeaway, Jim Bass explains why customer experience does not have to be a costly venture. Many of the resources and data we need are right in front of us. Voice of the Employee is one of those sources of data that are readily available, but for some reason we overlook it or we don’t think we need it. Voice of the Employee can help jump start your Voice of the Customer program, maximize the insight you receive and save money and time. Most importantly it can be that catalyst for change that can transform your culture into one of customer-centricity.

The (Self-) Examined Life: Using Consumer Ethnography to Improve CX [located within CX Strategy]

In this 10-Minute Takeaway, Julie Wittes Schlack, SVP of Product Innovation at C Space, shares techniques and case studies for how to design and achieve maximum impact from consumer-driven ethnography.To discover unmet customer needs, delights, and frustrations and improve customer experience, there’s no substitute for ethnography -- in-the-moment, in-context observation to help us understand the complex weave of experience, emotion and rationality that drives consumer behavior. But traditional ethnography is expensive, time-consuming, and not terribly scalable. Fortunately, technologies like mobile life tracking apps, Fitbits, and wearable video cameras are now enabling consumers to chronicle their own experiences, serving as a less expensive, more scalable and in some ways, more useful alternative to traditional ethnography.