Facilitating CX Monographs

Project Overview

This project seeks to provide independent insight and advice to help CEOs, CX leaders, and teams throughout the organization work better together by understanding the level of collaboration needed to deliver the desired customer experience.

While we recognize that there is no “one size fits all” solution, it is our hope that this project will:  

  • Raise understanding of CXM as a key collaborative business success strategy facilitated by the CX team.  
  • Provide CX leaders with a resource that on typical business interests and interactions of various functions across the organization that support CX outcomes and overall business success.  
  • Provide common language to facilitate interdepartmental CX collaboration.  
  • Highlight CX governance practices and techniques used to create CX accountability across the organization and provide for shared celebration of success.  
  • Equip CEO and C-Suite leaders with practical guidance on being an executive sponsor and champion for CX, including setting expectations for effective organization-wide commitment.  
  • Describe options for how an organization might organize to provide an advanced, mature best-in-class CX program and/or show how an organization might work as a whole to create an advanced, mature, best in-class Customer Experience and CXM methodology. 

To achieve these ambitious goals, the CXPA Board has created a task force to undertake this project.  This Task Force will draw upon the breadth of its experience and networks to develop consensus insights and advice.