Documenting CX in Higher Ed

We need YOUR help to document CX in higher education!

The Customer Experience Professionals Association has launched a community initiative to develop a list of all  institutions of higher learning that offer Customer Experience programs, courses, certificates or degrees. The first phase in this project relies on the knowledge of the community, so please take a few minutes to complete a survey entry for each college, university or higher education institution that has a "Customer Experience" offering of which you are aware. Together, we can help advance CX by better understanding how it is included in higher education programs around the globe.

Project Overview

After more than 20 years as a discrete profession, Customer Experience has not achieved sufficient representation within institutions of higher learning as undergraduate or Masters degree programs.

To ensure the longevity of the profession and business acumen of its practitioners, CXPA has appointed a volunteer group that seeks to raise awareness and engagement for CX curriculum offerings among institutions of Higher Learning.

The first phase in this project is to create a list of global higher education institutions that offer bachelors, masters, Ph.D. level degree programs, seminars, or executive certifications in customer experience.  Once  significant work has been completed in this first phase of discovery, we anticipate additional working groups to build on the findings and create sustainable connections between the professional practice of CX and Higher Education institutions.

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Higher Education Institution Data

Higher education data copyright of the International Association of Universities (IAU) supplied December 2020.  The data, or any part thereof, may not be sold to or used by any third party. 

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