Our Team

Board of Directors

The CXPA is governed by a Board of Directors elected from membership.  The Board of Directors provides volunteer leadership to ensure that CXPA is "by members, for members."

Annette Franz Headshot

Annette Franz, CCXP

California, USA
CXPA Chair
Meet Annette

Barbie Fink Headshot

Barbie Fink, CCXP

Washington, USA
CXPA Vice Chair
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Nancy Porte Headshot

Nancy Porte, CCXP

Idaho, USA
CXPA Treasurer
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Bob Azman Headshot

Bob Azman, CCXP

Texas, USA
Immediate Past Chair
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Alison Circle Headshot

Alison Circle, CCXP

Ohio, USA
Board Member
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Tabitha Dunn Headshot

Tabitha Dunn, CCXP

Stockholm, Sweden
Board Member
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Lynn Hunsaker Headshot

Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP

California, USA
Board Member
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Gokhan Kara Headshot

Gokhan Kara, CCXP

Istanbul, Turkey
Board Member
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Dave Kreiner Headshot

Dave Kreiner

Texas, USA
Board Member
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Michelle Morris Headshot

Michelle Morris, CCXP

Kentucky, USA
Board Member
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J.C. Paradise Headshot

J.C. Paradise, CCXP

New Jersey, USA
Board Member (ex-officio)
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Lorraine Schumacher Headshot

Lorraine Schumacher, CCXP

Kentucky, USA
Board Member
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Amy Shioji Headshot

Amy Shioji, CCXP

Virginia, USA
Board Member
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Brad Smith

Brad Smith

California, USA
Board Member
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Kathy Van de Laar Headshot

Kathy Van de Laar, CCXP

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Board Member
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Our Staff

Contact Us

The CXPA is supported by a world-class association staff provided by IntrinXec Management.  The staff attends to the day-to-day operations of the CXPA, working with the Board, volunteers, members, and partners to deliver value to CXPA members and the CX community.

Greg Melia

Greg Melia, CAE

Virginia, USA
greg@cxpa.org | Meet Greg

Shelly Losinski

Shelly Losinski

Minnesota, USA
Operations Manager
Shelly@cxpa.org | Meet Shelly

Jessica Burgus Headshot

Jessica Burgus

Minnesota, USA

Adrienne Bryant Headshot

Adrienne Bryant, CAE

Florida, USA
Digital Experience,
CCXP Program Director
adrienne@cxpa.org | Meet Adrienne

Blia Lee Headshot

Blia Lee

Minnesota, USA
CCXP Program Assistant,
Member Services
blia@cxpa.org | Meet Blia

Derik Iverson Headshot

Derik Iverson

Minnesota, USA
Membership Community Manager
derik@cxpa.org | Meet Derik

Gabe Smith Headshot

Gabe Smith, CCXP

Ohio, USA
Content Manager
gabe@cxpa.org | Meet Gabe

Joy Wedge Headshot

Joy Wedge, MPS

Florida, USA
Marketing Manager
joy@cxpa.org | Meet Joy

Molly Perrin Headshot

Molly Perrin

Minnesota, USA
Membership Community Manager
molly@cxpa.org | Meet Molly