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Vancouver, WA

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My passion is all things "experience," including both CX and EX . I'm analytical and creative, with a software and data science background, as well as in my spare time I create 3-dimensional wearable art. My expertise includes CCXP, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, an MBA, and a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I started my career in software usability which is when I immediately became interested in customer experience - and that mindset has continued throughout my career. I've worked in several industries including technology, finance, industrial automation and shipping logistics. I have expertise working with the C-suite, change management, survey design and development, data analytics, driving customer experience actions across multiple functions, and internal and external partnerships.

I'm on the Board of Directors for Bat Conservation International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and preservation of declining bat species, which helps us learn to better co-exist with them and improve human health. We need to ensure their survival as they are critical to our environment and food supplies - they provide reforestation, pest control and pollination of our food supply chain including everyone's favorites - coffee, cocoa, bananas and mangoes!

I enjoy sharing my experiences and expertise, as well as mentoring and learning from other CX professionals, so please reach out if you want to chat!

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