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I recently joined a new firm (to be updated soon), but before then I led a Voice of the Customer function within the federal government. My team deployed customer research studies, managing feedback system implementation and designing data management standards for customer insights data.

Before joining the government, I've been lucky to work with many great people all over the globe, and in a variety of disciplines; the diversity in my teams has made work more interesting and more rewarding. In my previous roles, I worked in the mortgage industry and in academia, where I've run employee focus groups, interviews and observation studies, developed employee and customer surveys, and analyzed business data to evaluate call center agent performance. I served on a team that deployed a proprietary call center scripting platform, and another that was building a marketing analytics tool. Each experience offered something unique to teach me and I apply those lessons at work every day.

About me personally: I love traveling, and my most recent travels have taken me to South Africa and the Dominican Republic. I am an art lover--painting, collage and other forms of art are my favorite ways to unwind.


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